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Garden Clearing in Southampton. Helping Homeowners Achieve a Quick Property Sale

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The Project:

We recently took on a challenging project in Southampton, working with a homeowner looking to sell their property. Our client faced a daunting challenge; After many years of renting out the property, its neglected garden had spiralled out of control and from the road looked like an unsightly mess. InSync was contacted to clear the garden, front and back, to increase the property's resale value and hopefully, make it more attractive to potential buyers..

The Challenge:

Having decided to sell their terraced house in Southampton, the property owner realised that its overgrown garden was in desperate need of attention. With a small space to the front of the property covered in shrubs and hedging, views of the house from the road were completely obscured, while a long narrow back garden had become virtually inaccessible.

As you can see from the photos below, following many years of neglect, the garden had become an overwhelming problem, making it difficult to attract potential buyers or even access. The homeowner recognised that to maximise the property's resale value and appeal, a complete garden overhaul was necessary.

InSync's Approach:

InSync appointed our property garden clearing team who specialise in outdoor spaces to the job. Their goal was to completely clear the overgrown garden, while preserving any valuable elements that may enhance the property's value.

Project Execution:

Thorough Assessment: Our work began by conducting a thorough visual assessment of the garden to identify the extent of the work required and to determine what, if anything, could be saved. We noted several mature trees that had the potential to enhance the property’s appeal to future owners.

Clearing and Cleaning: InSync set to work, diligently clearing away years of overgrowth, debris, and weeds from both the front and back gardens. This involved removing some very well-established plants, pruning back countless overgrown bushes and slowly reclaiming lost space.

Preserving Mature Trees: We took great care to preserve the mature trees identified during our assessment. This not only added aesthetic value to the garden but also provided enhanced shade and privacy for the future. So our final act was to trim and prune the trees, ensuring they were healthy and ready to become a focal point for the next owers’ outdoor space.


Our client was equally thrilled and surprised with the transformation. They’d forgotten just how deep the space was, and how it enhanced the property. The once-overgrown and unsightly space had been turned into a blank canvas for the next owners to make their own, significantly increasing the property's curb appeal.

Our decision to preserve the mature trees proved to be a wise one. These trees not only brought character to the garden, but as predicted, also added to the property's resale value. And the results surprised even us: the house sold within three weeks of going on the market - for the full asking price.

Garden Cleaning in Southampton:

InSync's expertise in garden clearing and restoration not only helped a homeowner transform their neglected garden, but also facilitated a swift and successful property sale. This case study demonstrates the value of professional garden clearing and the importance of preserving valuable elements to maximize property resale value.

If you're a property owner dealing with an out-of-control garden that's affecting your property's value, InSync is here to provide a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution. Our expert property clearing team can transform your neglected garden into an attractive asset, helping you sell your property quickly and at a higher price, or simply make it a nicer space for you - and your family - to enjoy.

We also work with landlords to offer comprehensive end-of-tenancy cleaning services, covering both interiors and gardens or outdoor areas. Whether you need a garden revival or a thorough cleaning service for your rental property, InSync is your trusted partner for all your property maintenance needs.

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